ANA Patriot Squadron

Membership And Donations

The ANA Patriot Squadron is one of 67 similar groups affiliated with the Association of Naval Aviation, located around the United States and certain foreign countries (usually where there has been a U.S. Navy presence), which meet regularly to interface with active-duty military personnel, tour military facilities and ships, and hear presentations from members of the military establishment and other interesting speakers. The purpose of these squadrons is to help support naval aviation and inform the general public about the magnificent job being done by the men, women, and equipment of naval aviation and to help members share in the camaraderie and excitement of being connected to naval aviation.

The ANA Patriot Squadron welcomes and encourages new members. The only requirement for membership in the group is to be interested in naval aviation. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A VETERAN TO JOIN. Current members of the ANA Patriot Squadron include persons who served in all branches of the armed forces (Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Army, Air Force, National Guard, etc.) as well as civilians. If you are interested in naval aviation and in the heritage of NAS Squantum and NAS South Weymouth, please consider joining the ANA Patriot Squadron. 

There are two categories of membership in the ANA Patriot Squadron, full membership and museum membership.  Full members must also be members of the Association of Naval Aviation (the larger national group). See the national group's membership flyer in PDF format here.  Museum members do not have to be members of the national group. The only difference between the two categories of membership is that only full members can serve in certain positions on the board of directors of the ANA Patriot Squadron. If this is confusing, please contact us for clarification! Really, the only difference between the two categories of membership is that only full members can serve in certain positions on the ANA Patriot Squadron's board of directors. This is a technicality mandated by the larger national group. Museum members, who are not required to also be members of the Association of Naval Aviation (although this is certainly encouraged), are welcome to participate in all other aspects of the ANA Patriot Squadron's activities.  You can download a "brochure" in Adobe PDF format with more information about the ANA Patriot Squadron HERE.

To join the ANA Patriot Squadron print out, complete, and mail the membership form that you obtain HERE in Adobe PDF format along with a check for $15 for one year's membership or $40 for three years membership (membership is on a calendar year basis from January through December).  Please note that if you chose to join, please send the completed form to Marc Frattasio, PO Box 30, Pembroke MA 02359, do not send to the address presented on the form.   The 495 Shea Memorial Drive address presented on the form is for the old museum, which has been closed for a while.

The ANA Patriot Squadron also welcomes donations of NAS Squantum or NAS South Weymouth-related military memorabilia, photographs, artifacts, etc., for the Shea Naval Aviation Museum, and is seeking individual and corporate donations of cash. All donations are tax-deductible since the ANA Patriot Squadron is a not-for-profit organization as defined in section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about any aspect of the ANA Patriot Squadron.

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