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A Few Historic Images Of NAS Squantum And NAS South Weymouth

Squantum in 1917

View looking eastward across the Dorchester Bay shoreline at NAS Squantum during the early summer of 1917. Most of the aircraft visible here are Curtis N-9s. However at far left is an unusual Burgess-Dunn BD. This aircraft was formerly owned by the Massachusetts Naval Air Militia and was taken over by the Navy after the country entered the First World War.  Justin Young collection.

Squantum 1926

The seaplane hangar at Naval Reserve Air Station Squantum is shown here along with a variety of Chance-Vought UO-1 and Burgess-Curtiss N-9H training aircraft during 1926.  At this time, the military aviation facilities at NRAS Squantum could only support seaplanes.  Peter B. Mersky collection.


Naval Aircraft Factory N3N "Yellow Perils" such as these examples parked out in front of the operations building at NAS Squantum just before the Second World War were the mainstay of the flight training program operated on the base between the late 1930s and 1943. The high snow banks demonstrate why the Navy eventually moved all elimination and primary flight training activity to warmer areas.  The Association of Naval Aviation Patriot Squadron.

ZP-11 Blimps

These three Goodyear "K-Class" blimps from airship patrol squadron 11 (ZP-11) are moored out in the open on the mooring circles positioned east of Hangar #1 at NAS South Weymouth during the summer of 1942.  National Archives.

Late Wartime Lineup at Squantum

By the end of the Second World War NAS Squantum was engaged in providing advance training to carrier air groups composed of various combinations of fighter, dive-bomber, and torpedo-bomber squadrons. In this photograph, taken in 1945, Curtis SB2C Helldivers fill the parking ramp at Squantum while a pair of Eastern TBM Avengers taxi out to the active runway in the background.  The Association of Naval Aviation Patriot Squadron.

Squantum Flight Line 1948

Consolidated PBY Catalinas share the snow-covered aircraft parking ramp at NAS Squantum with a Douglas R4D Skytrain on a cold day during March 1948.  The Association of Naval Aviation Patriot Squadron.

Hangar One 1954

View of LTA Hangar #1 at NAS South Weymouth during early 1954, just a few months after the reserve program moved there from NAS Squantum.  Stuart Chipman collection.

SoWey Jets

Grumman F9F Cougars and Lockheed TV2 Shooting Stars, like those shown here parked at NAS South Weymouth during 1956, were shared for many years by the pilots drilling with the Navy and Marine Corps reserve fighter and attack squadrons assigned to the base.  Tom Cuddy photo.


Grumman S2F-1 Tracker lineup at NAS South Weymouth sometime during the early 1960s.  John Yaney collection.

VP-92 SP-2H

VP-92 Lockheed SP-2H Neptune lifting off from NAS South Weymouth en-route to NS Rota, Spain during July 1971.  Marc J. Frattasio collection.


Sikorsky SH-3 Seaking ASW helicopters lined up on the aircraft parking apron at NAS South Weymouth sometime in the early to mid 1970s.  John Yaney collection.

VP-92 P-3B

VP-92 Lockheed P-3B Orion parked out in front of "new" Hangar #1 at NAS South Weymouth during 1984.  Tom Cuddy photo.


Sadly, VR-62 Lockheed C-130T Hercules transports such as this example parked in front of Hangar #1 during the final base open house and air show in June 1996 were only based at NAS South Weymouth for a couple of years before the historic naval air station was closed for good.  Tom Cuddy photo.

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